Lead Software Engineer

  • Programming for more than 40 years
  • Created ANNI (Artificial Neural Network Investing Program)
  • Created Zapit Media Mover
  • Created Dynamic Debt Annihilator
  • Created Web Page Table Extractor
  • Created AIBioInformatics (Artificial Intelligent Biological Information Processor) - this is a high end commercial product for analyzing gene sequence to drug response relevancies.  Please contact us if you are are interested in this product.
  • Created NexTrack Stock Manager (Replaced by ANNI v3.xx)
  • Created AIVision (Artificial Intelligent Video Analysis)
  • Published Author in PCAI magazine (http://PCAI.com) Issue 17.2
  • Expert programmer in Artificial Intelligence, C++, MFC, COM, ActiveX, HTML, .NET and Multi-Threaded Real-Time environments.
  • Provide independent contract work for companies - if interested in our services please contact us.
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